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DataMiner® is the most advanced end-to-end multi-vendor network management & OSS solution available for the IPTV, satellite, HFC broadband and broadcast industry. One interface to manage your entire operational ecosystem, across any vendor and technology boundaries, results in a significant reduction of operational expenses and increased quality of service.

This award-winning solution enables end-to-end integration of the most complex technical ecosystems and has been deployed by leading operators around the world.

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seamless integration of any device or system from any vendor

The core of the system is a cutting-edge multivendor protocol engine, enabling integration of any device or system from any vendor, regardless of its interface or protocol.

DataMiner® is already integrated with over 7000 drivers for products from 1000+ different vendors, which represents by far the largest third-party integration deployment available in the industry.

Whatever products you have today, or whatever you will be deploying in the future, you can rest assured that DataMiner will manage all of it more efficiently than ever before from one consolidated platform.

Once you have integrated your entire operational ecosystem, DataMiner offers you a complete professional environment to manage that ecosystem more efficiently and intelligently than ever before.

  • remote web and mobile access
  • create or modify your own drivers
  • open architecture & industry standard
  • more than 7000 drivers off-the-shelf
  • interface with any device from any vendor
  • widely deployed by leading operators
  • awarded and proven off-the-shelf technology
  • inventory & asset management
  • customer premises equipment management
  • spectrum monitoring
  • advanced automation and scheduling
  • service intelligence and correlation
  • performance management
  • user-definable dashboards
  • professional reporting

and much more…

dataminer, integrated with over 7000+ drivers for products from 1000+ different vendors, is the most efficient and comprehensive solution available

quick facts

number one solution

DataMiner is the leading and fastest growing network management & OSS solution for the broadcast industry, satellite environment, IPTV operators, terrestrial networks and HFC broadband industry.


DataMiner is developed by the vendor- independent network management expert Skyline Communications.

widely acclaimed

DataMiner is recommended and supported by leading certified DSP vendors (DataMiner Strategic Partners) and system integrators.

deployed by leading operators

DataMiner is proven technology, deployed on a large scale by leading operators across different market segments and continents.

standard off-the-shelf solution

DataMiner is a standard off-the-shelf solution that incorporates decades of experience.

open architecture

DataMiner has a pronounced open architecture and industry-standard interfaces.

powerful conversion

DataMiner features powerful conversion into standard interfaces, including SNMP, for seamless interfacing with third-party northbound OSS components (e.g. trouble ticket platform).

benefit from vast experience

DataMiner is supported by a wide range of professional services, supplied by seasoned SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) enabling you to benefit from vast experience.

open drivers

DataMiner has open drivers, enabling any third party to create new drivers or to modify existing drivers.

any device from any vendor

DataMiner is guaranteed to interface with any device or system from any vendor, proprietary or standard.

industry-standard hardware

DataMiner features industry-standard hardware resulting in lower total cost of ownership.


DataMiner is scalable from small systems to corporate-wide deployments.

intuitive user-friendly ui

DataMiner has an intuitive and user-friendly UI that spans across your entire operational environment and is packed with unique features and capabilities.

overall management

DataMiner manages your entire operational environment from a device, service and business perspective.




different countries


different drivers


different vendors


nodes deployed

amongst others, dataminer is deployed by:

DataMiner, awarded as best network management solution and specifically designed for the satellite, broadcast and HFC broadband industry, is the core operational platform of many leading companies: 

skyline communications: the company behind dataminer

DataMiner® is made by Skyline Communications, a company widely recognized as the leading supplier of multi-vendor network management and OSS solutions, and renowned for its technological leadership and continuous R&D efforts to redefine the efficient operation of increasingly complex platforms. Its systems have been deployed by leading operators in the HFC broadband, satellite, IPTV, broadcast, mobile and IT industry on all continents. 

Skyline is a fully independent corporation with no potentially conflicting activities. It continuously invests in software research and development, striving to make more intelligent software applications, in order to assist its customers in driving down their operational cost while increasing the quality of their services. Skyline’s knowledge of the industry, its understanding of customers’ business requirements, and its unique experience with NMS solutions in this industry assure the customer that its solution will be attuned to their specific needs. Moreover, Skyline has vast experience implementing similar technology and solutions, and developed its technology entirely from scratch.

Skyline Communications has offices in Belgium, Portugal, Singapore and the US, a permanent presence in Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Malysia, Mexico, Philippines, Russia, and the UK, and a vast network of local partners around the world and has been awarded several times for innovation, growth and excellence.


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